Objavljeno 16. feb. 2021
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  • petition for the sidemen to stay in a haunted house again

  • If u look at the listeners, man josh gets no listeners at 1.7k and ksi has 3.3k sheesh 😂😂😂

  • Harry: I would never leave the sidemen, your my boys Everyone liked that

  • might not have found my soon to be husband

  • Stevo don't drink

  • So Ethan just admitted he's got ADHD

  • we need another video on the overnight at haunted houses lads

    • Are they aware that the simpsons don't predict shit, the government own the Simpsons and just copy everything that they put in the show

  • Title of this vid "QUIT THE SIDEMEN OR QUIT DRINKING?" Muslims:Fam thats easy

    • m.slcd.info/drink/video/q7Cfqcel35-YyYQ

  • Stereo is dogshit.

    • m.slcd.info/drink/video/q7Cfqcel35-YyYQ

  • Vik sounds traumatized from the house.

    • Are they aware that the simpsons don't predict shit, the government own the Simpsons and just copy everything that they put in the show

  • Sidemen play Minecraft: Speedrunner vs Hunters, where Vikk is the speed runner and everyone else is a hunter

  • Jj face at 10:57

  • Looks like Jj faked the shot...

    • Behz didn’t even answer the question 😂

  • Do sidemen minecraft hunter

  • The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ.

    • Ethan: I think i can focus on things a bit more Also Ethan: Looking at a new thing every 2 seconds

  • JJ did not actually drink the gin. Watch closely. 10:43

  • ethans mam tried to burn him in the house in the hopes his dad woukld come back.

  • The StereoMen sheesh

  • 8:25 behz trying not to say that he was a bully

  • Who would know that JJ has a very loud laugh and a very quiet sneeze.

  • Are they aware that the simpsons don't predict shit, the government own the Simpsons and just copy everything that they put in the show

  • m.slcd.info/drink/video/q7Cfqcel35-YyYQ

  • sidecraft for the win

  • My mans drinking Gin out the bottle, that's fvcked!

  • I swear vik will never run out of his tequila that Simon got him😂😂

  • Behz didn’t even answer the question 😂

  • Sideman are the best

  • They’re never gonna see this because I’m a few days late, but please PLEASE bring back Sidecraft

  • Ethan: I think i can focus on things a bit more Also Ethan: Looking at a new thing every 2 seconds

  • 11:04

  • hi

  • I thing the thumbnail supposed to be Quit the sidemen or Quit coke (ya know the Cokaina)

  • JJ wanted to do the shot 🤣 He was off to the kitchen as soon as vik said about the alarm 🤣

  • Like

  • I would really like them to start Sidecraft again it was so entertaining, or even SidemenSMP and it would be like DreamSMP! Like if you agree so they see this!

  • The way the the title is the first clip is god tier


  • Who else feel right now the OG Sidemen😔😪

  • Of course I just said bless you to Jj at 3:16 😄🤧

  • I hate stereo

  • fk stereo. trash content

  • Nicee

  • Sambuca gang

  • Opening all windows when your house is full of smoke is actually the worst thing you can do, as you give oxygen to the fire this way. Got very lucky that his house didnt burn out

  • 3:23 my boy emma

  • who else is just begging for sidecraft series?!

  • They should all play phasmophobia in VR ... it would be hilarious

  • Monster dating monster pls?

  • I get you guys keep doin these stereo videos coz they’re paying you but it’s just sooo dead.

  • God i fucking hate stereo

  • bless you

  • 👍👍👍


  • New sidecraft!!!!

  • What is one thing that you will never do again? JJ: Making music with ricegum (Inner JJ: Get Hyper)

  • the sidemen play sidecraft wid Tommy tubbo and Wilbur will be great

  • i fw this video a lot

  • Yall need to take a trip to morocco again and make a big sidemen vlog that would be great

  • This app taking over the UK I swear every SLcdr promoting it! 👀🥵

  • 😎🎸slcd.info/drink/video/uKJevdOtm5vfv4Q

  • I love Vic and KSI part

  • People in a group that says he'll never leave a group is the one that's always leave first.. just saying

  • The thumbnail is harry’s hardest decision he’s ever had to make 😂

  • These videos are dead

  • Most of you won’t read this comment, but I sympathise with Ethan unlike most people I have experienced not 1 but 2 house fires in my life. The 2nd one I lost my dog 😭😭. Most of you will think I’m lying for attention, but think what you like. I don’t usually comment on videos because no one will ever read mine. I’ve watched the sidemen for years and they are my idols, now I know Ethan has been through similar to me. If you see this comment please read and like to show your support for me, Ethan and many more you have experienced difficulties in their lives such as this.

  • Tip if there is still a decent fire by the sounds of it there was not but if there is do not open doors and windows it will give the fire more oxygen or fuel

    • vik speed running vs the rest of the sidemen on mine craft

  • Can we get more side craft??plzz

  • More sidemen you should do fear factor

  • 5:17 i assume jjs still likes weeds

  • Am i the only one who finds stereo stupid?

  • I have to know who makes theese thumbnails they are amazing

  • slcd.info/drink/video/nXmQvqxv2c-wtng

  • slcd.info/drink/video/nXmQvqxv2c-wtng

  • To who all that reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong...🙏❤

  • sidemen minecraft survival plz

  • The sidemen should play ark together

  • Do more pro clubs or should I say do another video on it

  • A sideman martial arts

  • please stop making these videos can’t be arsed listening to peasant fans who can’t string words together

  • vik speed running vs the rest of the sidemen on mine craft

  • I wonder why they dont like.....just make a new sidemen channel and call it sidemen gaming....would obvsly be a banger!!!🔥

  • Based on the thumbnail, I thought it would’ve been titled ‘quit the sidemen or quit drugs’

  • Can people please check out my newest montage and give me some feedback because I’m a small controller player trying to grow 💯

  • Tobi has such a calming voice.. I could hear him for hours just talking

  • There’s only 700 episodes of the Simpson’s

  • I know all of these are adds and stuff but I really do enjoy these videos where you guys answer questions and stuff

  • U literally can’t tell the different between non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks other than the effects

  • Apple juice gang 👑👑

  • Surprised Harry didn’t say he’d stop drinking, he’s always saying he doesn’t want to keep on doing Sidemen but then now said he enjoyed it

    • He’s says he doesn’t want do it forever which is true I’ll give them two more years before they stop


  • If you really think the Simpsons predict the future then you're not as smart as you think you are


  • The callous venezuelan methodically educate because discussion nally meddle qua a dysfunctional replace. amusing, quaint hydrofoil

  • Imagine being as smart as vik that’s like being the fattest at a weight lose program like Waitrose

  • Rahhh u guys should defos do the OG sidemen mw vids like gun game or hide n seek

  • 3:41

  • Anyone else sick of stereo videos

  • what's that outro music from

  • You guys are awesome. Getting me through some hard times. Bless you sidemen💕

  • 5:32 he didn't say get hyper👀

  • 0:48 Your controller has disconnected